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Q: Can siblings/aunts/uncles/grandparents sign for a minor’s waiver?

A: NO! Only a LEGAL parent/guardian can sign for someone under 18. Remember this is a legal document, there are NO exceptions.

Q: How long is the waiver good for?

A: The waivers are good for a year from the day the are filled out. After a year, the waiver will need to be refilled out by a legal parent/guardian.

Q: Are we allowed to bring in outside food or beverage?

A: We do not allow outside food or beverage.  We have a concession stand that serves icecream and a large variety of bottled beverages from Coca-Cola, as well as a vending machine on site.  However, if you booked a birthday party with us, you may bring in cake/cupcakes and/or ice cream.

Q: Can we wear shoes or socks?

A: No!  You must wear our socks.

Q: What is the recommended age range for jumpers?

A: We recommend ages 4 and up, but we allow any age as long as they can stand on their own.  If they are 2 years of age or under, we require a parent to jump with them for safety.

Q: Do you offer group rates?

A: Yes, we do have group rates! Please call for additional information.

Q: What is appropriate jumping attire?

A: We recommend comfortable athletic clothing, but feel free to jump in everyday clothes.  Please keep in consideration, we are a family friendly environment. Refrain from wearing: studded belts, hooped earrings, and sharp objects in your pocket.

Q: Is there an admission fee for people who are not jumping?

A: No, only the customers who are jumping have to pay.